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Family Engagement Pre-Service Educator Preparation Initiative

The National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement (NAFSCE) envisions a world where family engagement is universally practiced as an essential strategy for improving children's learning and advancing equity. For generations, educators considered engaging families in their children’s education as desirable, but not essential. Research shows that family engagement is, in fact, foundational for student achievement, particularly in low-income and culturally diverse communities, where the achievement gap is most severe.

Yet, teachers lack the training and capacity to effectively engage families. In fact, a 2012 Public Agenda Poll teachers cited lack of preparation as one of their greatest barriers to increased family engagement, and their greatest fear for failure, leading to burnout and attrition. Since its inception NAFSCE has placed closing this preparation gap as a strategic component of its work.

NAFSCE began this work by completing a landscape assessment of current state licensure requirements regarding family engagement preparation, and engaging stakeholders in discussions regarding current practices and policies related to pre-service family engagement preparation. The resulting report, State of the States: Family, School, and Community Engagement Within State Educator Licensure Requirements (coming soon), analyzes the current minimum requirements for educator preparation programs (EPPs) set by the 50 U.S. states and six U.S. territories that license educators and administrators, highlighting the professional practice standards and field requirements most directly addressing family, school, and community engagement.


The Launch of the Pre-Service Family Engagement Consortium

In the fall of 2019, in partnership with the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE), the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the National Association (NEA), and the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC), NAFSCE issued a request for proposals to identify teams comprised of representatives from Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) and State Education Agencies to serve on its Family Engagement Consortium on Pre-Service Educator Preparation (“the Consortium”). The purpose of the Consortium is to work together to develop a pre-service framework for culturally responsive family engagement and higher-education curricula which minimally will include recommendations for coursework, mentoring/supervision, field experiences, and state policy. The Framework will address both educator and administrator preparation programs.

The seven teams selected are presented in the table below.


Institute of Higher Education

State Agency


  • Shulamit Ritblatt, San Diego State University
  • Araceli Simeón, Parent Organization Network, CA Family Engagement Network CORE TEAM


  • Kris Greer, Fort Lewis College
  • Darcy Hutchins, Director of Family, School, Community Partnerships, CO Department of Education
  • Brittany Lane, Director of Education Preparation Colorado Department of Higher Education


  • Katherine Ratliffe, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Polly Quigley, HawaiiDepartment of Education, Community Engagement Branch


  • Davenia Lea, Bowie State University
  • Barbara Scherr, MarylandSateDepartment of Education

North Dakota

  • Cheryl Hunter, University of ND Grand Forks


  • Jim Upgren, Office of School Approval and Opportunity, ND Department of Public Instruction
  • Lucy Fredericks, ND Department of Public Instruction,Office of Indian/Multicultural Education

South Carolina

  • Michele Myers, University of South Carolina
  • Anthony A. Pittman, Claflin University
  • James Ritter, Office of Educator Services, South Carolina Department of Education
  • Yolandé Anderson, South Carolina Department of Education, Family and Community Engagement


  • Bola Delano-Oriaran, St. Norbert College


  • Beth Giles, Teacher Education & Professional Development and Licensing, WI Department of Public Instruction


Anticipated Outcomes

As a result of this initiative:

  • Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) across the country will address family, school, and community engagement (FSCE) in meaningful and effective ways within their educator and administrator preparation programs, in alignment with the NAFSCE Family Engagement Pre-Service Framework (The Framework).
  • State agencies with pre-service oversight and key stakeholder groups across the country will address family and community engagement in meaningful and effective ways within their educator and administrator preparation program requirements, standards, and accreditation regulations, in alignment with the NAFSCE Family Engagement Pre-Service Framework.
  • Educators and administrators will have the preparation, exposure, and support needed to effectively put in place teaching practices, organizational infrastructure, and policies that create equitable and meaningful opportunities for families to engage in their children’s education, to support child development, student achievement, and school improvement, as well as overall teacher quality.

The logic model for the initiative is below:


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