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Parent Leadership

NAFSCE's Parent & Family Leaders Council

Parent voice is often absent in the governance of family-serving organizations. As an association dedicated to the increased engagement of families in the development and education of their children, NAFSCE believes it is essential to have parent and family voice in our planning efforts and governance. A familiar phrase often stated by those who are beneficiaries of services, but whose perspectives are never heard, is “nothing about us without us.” NAFSCE has established a model structure so that those important voices are not only heard but directly support the future direction and actions of NAFSCE.

Through a partnership with United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN), NAFSCE established its Parent and Family Leaders Council (PFLC) in 2017 as a standing committee of NAFSCE’s Board. PFLC members were recruited from national parent leadership organizations including United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN), Parents for Public SchoolsAbriendo Puertas, National Parent Leadership Institute, and Parent Institute for Quality Education. Further, these partnerships support NAFSCE’s priority for an aligned, comprehensive, and synergistic approach to advancing and elevating family engagement policy and practice.

The PFLC currently has seven diverse members from across the country but will expand to ten in fall 2020. The Council provides input to NAFSCE's staff and board on the association’s work in the areas of policy, programming, and network-building. The Council meets quarterly, with three of the meetings conducted virtually. Bianca Scott, the PFLC representative to NAFSCE’s Board of Directors, was the first parent elected to serve as co-chair of Washington state’s Early Learning Advisory Council.

Members of NAFSCE’s PFLC have written about their experiences during the pandemic and their perspectives on school reopening in this blog.


PFLC Members:

Bianca Scott, PFLC Chair

Bianca Scott is a parent who serves on NAFSCE’s Parent and Family Leaders Council and has been a part of many different systems that support children and families and engage their communities and schools. Bianca served as a member of the Kittitas County Head Start policy council, was elected as the policy council chairperson in 2008, and also served on the governing board for Bright Beginnings for Kittitas County (formerly Kittitas County Head Start) as the liaison from the parents to the board and vice versa. She served on the Washington Department of Early Learning’s Parent Advisory Group, a statewide advisory group made of parents with differing backgrounds and perspectives, from 2009 until 2018. Bianca also served as a member of the Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC), Washington’s State Advisory Council charged with developing a high quality, comprehensive system of early childhood development and care. After serving her first two-year term, Bianca was reelected to serve a second two-year term and then ran for co-chair of ELAC and became the first and (to date) only parent elected to serve as a co-chair of a state advisory council. She and her co-chair worked to ensure statewide coordination and collaboration among the wide range of early childhood programs and services in the state. Bianca is a passionate advocate and has helped to move forward policies and procedures at the state level that have become federal policy standards that benefit children and families. Bianca recently relocated to Florida and is starting to put her voice to good use in systems that need improvements for the outcomes of families, schools and the communities that surround them.

Lamont Douglas
As a dedicated and committed father with three kids in New Orleans public charter schools, Lamont Douglas knows his voice is a beacon for matters that relate to each of their lives, and for the life of every child in pursuit of a great education. Douglas is a parent advocate who believes that growth is mandatory, learning is suggested and listening is key to being effective and relevant. Lamont Douglas is an OPEN NOLA Family Leadership Training Institute Cohort 4 Graduate. An active member of Andrew H. Wilson's Parent-Teacher Council and a blogger from a parent's perspective.

Lora Evans

Lora Rance Evans, Mississippi’s Parent of the Year – 2016, is married to Rev. Larry Evans. They are the parents of twins, Lauryn Aaliyah and Lorance Ahmad Evans. Lora Evans is Executive Director of Delta Hills Health Corporation, a physician-hospital organization (PHO) formed in 1995 by Greenwood Leflore Hospital and its medical staff, with more than 100 physicians and 7 hospitals as members. Lora also serves as Managed Care Director for Greenwood Leflore Hospital, Greenwood, Mississippi.

Lora Rance Evans, a native of Louise, Mississippi, is a 1985 graduate of Humphreys County High School, Belzoni, MS. She received her BS in Mathematics from MVSU in 1988. Upon furthering her education, she received her MBA from Delta State University in 2004. She has been very active in the community, particularly in education and organizations which support children and parents. She currently serves as a National board member of Parents for Public Schools, and was of three leaders instrumental in the formation and establishment of Parents for Public Schools of Greenwood and Leflore County. Lora has a passion for education and seeing individuals become their best self. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Leflore County Chamber of Commerce and Art Place Mississippi.

Rosazlia Grillier

Hayward Mclain

Zully Rodriguez

Julia Sosa

Julia Sosa is a mother of two and a grandmother to two. Julia is from Michoacan, Mexico and came to United States when she was 18 years old with many dreams to fulfill, but found many barriers along the way. As her children entered school, she had the opportunity to learn how to obtain information through nonprofit organizations. She learned that she could make changes not only in her children's lives and education, but also within other families and communities.

Julia has been involved with organizations dedicated to supporting parents from other cultures for 10 years. She is especially involved in The Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE ) in Los Angeles CA, whose mission is to provide families with knowledge and skills to partner with schools and communities to ensure their children achieve their full potential. Julia is also member of the governing counsel of United Parent Leader Action Network ( UPLAN ) where, with other parents from different states, she advocates for an Educational System that works for all students, regardless of race, color or monetary status.

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