Parent Leadership
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Parent Leadership

NAFSCE's Parent & Family Leaders Council

Parent voice is often absent in the governance of family-serving organizations. As an association dedicated to the increased engagement of families in the development and education of their children, NAFSCE believes it is essential to have parent and family voice in our planning efforts and governance. A familiar phrase often stated by those who are beneficiaries of services, but whose perspectives are never heard, is “nothing about us without us.” NAFSCE has established a model structure so that those important voices are not only heard but directly support the future direction and actions of NAFSCE.

Through a partnership with United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN), NAFSCE established its Parent and Family Leaders Council (PFLC) in 2017 as a standing committee of NAFSCE’s Board. PFLC members were recruited from national parent leadership organizations including United Parent Leaders Action Network (UPLAN), Parents for Public SchoolsAbriendo Puertas, National Parent Leadership Institute, and Parent Institute for Quality Education. Further, these partnerships support NAFSCE’s priority for an aligned, comprehensive, and synergistic approach to advancing and elevating family engagement policy and practice.

The PFLC currently has seven diverse members from across the country but will expand to ten in fall 2020. The Council provides input to NAFSCE's staff and board on the association’s work in the areas of policy, programming, and network-building. The Council meets quarterly, with three of the meetings conducted virtually. Bianca Scott, the PFLC representative to NAFSCE’s Board of Directors, was the first parent elected to serve as co-chair of Washington state’s Early Learning Advisory Council.


PFLC Members:

Lamont Douglas, UPLAN
Lora Evans, Parents for Public Schools
Rosazlia Grillier, UPLAN
Hayward Mclain, UPLAN
Zully Rodriguez, UPLAN
Bianca Scott, UPLAN
Julia Sosa, PIQE, UPLAN

Thanks to Our Partners