Top Ten Reasons to Join NAFSCE

NAFSCE is the only professional association dedicated solely to those who spend each and every day making family engagement happen -- those who advance high impact practices, promote evidence–based policies, and strive to engage all families in the development of their children. If you work with families and children, NAFSCE works for you. Here are ten of the many reasons to become a NAFSCE member today.

1. Support a movement. 

Over two decades of research supports the conclusion that family engagement is key to a child’s development and advancement, yet barriers to quality family engagement still exist. Join our movement to build capacity and leadership and to promote effective policies for family, school, and community engagement from the schoolhouse to the White House.

2. Advance the field.

When you support NAFSCE, you are supporting initiatives that have the potential to change the way our country thinks about the family’s role in our children’s education. From our partnership with the NEA to develop higher-education training for future teachers, to our work with the Frameworks Institute to create a fundamental shift in the way people think about engaging parents and caregivers, NAFSCE’s work will have a profound effect on how we all think about family engagement.

3. Be Heard.

There is strength in numbers. If we want family and community engagement to be recognized as a vital component of our children’s development, we must stand and speak with one voice.

4. Broaden your knowledge.

NAFSCE’s professional learning programs will improve your skills and knowledge through collaborative study, expertise exchange, and professional dialogue.

5. Advance your career.

Adding NAFSCE membership to your resume shows current and future employers that you are dedicated to your chosen career and take steps to stay connected to fellow family engagement professionals.

6. Access comprehensive resources. 

Only NAFSCE members have complete access to our exhaustive searchable library of family engagement research reports, toolkits, presentations and articles.

7. Grow your network.

NAFSCE's professional learning opportunities and online communities connect you to a national network of professionals in your field who meet regularly, share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve and advance high-impact family engagement strategies.

8. Give back.

When you share your knowledge and experience with others, lead a discussion or share your opinions through a blog in our online communities, you are supporting others who have dedicated their careers to this important work.

9. Save money.

NAFSCE negotiates discounts with our partners on training, resources and other products. Members also have access to our Member Rewards program which includes exclusive offers from Amazon,, 1-800-Flowers, Target, BestBuy, Chili’s, Sprint, AMC Theaters, and many more.

10. Stay inspired and motivated.

You love what you do, but it can be hard to maintain the level of motivation needed to succeed in this work without input and feedback. NAFSCE members gain inspiration from peers who share their passion.

Questions about membership?

Alice Clark, Manager of Programs and Communications
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