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The importance of family, school, and community engagement (FSCE) in supporting children’s learning from cradle to career is well documented by a growing body of research.

We do this by:

  • Offering a host of capacity building activities;
  • Organizing initiatives and conversations focused on advancing policy; and
  • Providing various networking opportunities and other platforms for the field to share effective practices.


  • we believe that all approaches to learning and school improvement must integrate systemic and sustained partnerships with families and communities;
  • we envision becoming the primary gateway for anyone interested in engaging families and the community to improve children’s learning; and
  • we commit to increasing awareness, elevating practice, and advancing policy for family, school, and community engagement.

Building Capacity

tech-01NAFSCE believes it is essential that family engagement practitioners deliver high-impact family engagement practices in order to promote children’s development and advance student achievement. The field is broad and includes early childhood and afterschool providers; educators at the school, district, and state levels; parent leaders, and; parenting and family engagement practitioners.  NAFSCE intends to build their capacity to increase awareness and knowledge, transform attitudes and disposition, and enhance confidence and skills.




Capacity Building Webinars

NAFSCE pairs nationally recognized experts with practitioners to present breakthrough information that summarizes recent research and shares effective practices. Take a look at some Upcoming and archived Capacity Building Webinars

Conferences and Convenings

NAFSCE also participates in numerous conferences and events to advance awareness of family engagement.


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NAFSCE envisions organizing conferences and convenings to build capacity for state education agency (SEA) leaders, state family and community engagement leaders, federal School Improvement Grant recipients, and leaders in higher education.
Communities of Practice:
Are you looking for an opportunity to join together online with colleagues and engage in deep work to transform your family engagement practices?  We look forward to organizing communities of practice in the near future. Let us know if this is of interest to you.

Special Offerings:
NAFSCE is planning to help you build capacity within your programs and schools. We are assembling a team of talented consultants who can offer training and technical assistance tailored to your needs and interests.

Advancing Policy

shutterstock_253352017The quality and effectiveness of America’s public education system rests upon a foundation of strong, engaged families and communities. NAFSCE believes that policies must be prioritized to support effective and universal family engagement practices that improve children’s learning, and promote equity and opportunity.

NAFSCE advances high-impact family engagement policy through the following:


1. NAFSCE Policy Conversation Webinars

NAFSCE offers two Policy Conversation Webinars each year to  provide an opportunity to discuss and debate federal and state policy that can promote more effective and sustained family, school, and community engagement. NAFSCE utilizes these Policy Conversations to discuss and seek feedback from our partners and members on its annual policy agenda. Please join us and share your ideas, questions and proposals.

See a list of upcoming and archived Policy Conversation Webinars

2. The NAFSCE Policy Council

The NAFSCE Policy Council  meets bi-monthly, and promotes policy change in support of high-impact family and community engagement, including the development and approval of NAFSCE’s Policy Agendas and its various Policy Statements.

3. NAFSCE Policy Statements

NAFSCE Policy Statements are developed and disseminated to advise USDOE, Congress, and the White House. We welcome your comments on our policy statements, action agenda, and comments to the US Department of Education, provided below.

4. NAFSCE Publications Archive

A publications archive of federal and state family engagement best practice policies is provided on NAFSCE’s website

5. Our Blog

NAFSCE’s blog provides a platform for members and partners to share their views on important policies to elevate the work

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NAFSCE calls upon policymakers at all levels to recognize the critical importance of family, school, and community engagement and to employ vigorous, evidence-based policies, strategies, and practices.


NAFSCE’s Policy Action Plan
Family Engagement is more than an education issue; for many families, it is a civil rights issue. It is low-income families and families of color who are so often blamed for their children’s struggles in school, who are faced with “no trespassing” signs at school entrances, who are unable to find out what their children are learning and how they can help. It is time to increase dramatically our investment in high-impact family engagement so that we can turn around failing schools, erase the achievement gap, and ensure that all children have the resources and support to realize their dreams.


Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Sharing Effective Practices



The family engagement field is blossoming with new ideas and interest. A growing research base that confirms the value of family engagement in children’s learning is fueling experiments across the country. NAFSCE is committed to being your first stop for this information, and to creating space for you to share ideas with colleagues.

Ways We Share Effective Practices

Sharing Effective Practices Meetings provides a place for you to share promising practices with and learn from your colleagues. Each meeting will center on a particular theme as well as provide an opportunity to update the network with your news, events, products, and activities.

See a list of upcoming and archived Platform for Practices Sharing Meetings

Stay on top of family engagement with FSCE News.

Browse the NAFSCE publications archive to access research and other resources to help with your family engagement efforts.