In the News: Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary

Last week, President-elect Donald Trump announced his pick of Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education. The U.S. Senate must confirm this position. As a strong advocate for improvements in public education, NAFSCE looks forward to working with the Trump Administration on the effective implementation of ESSA, including funding and support for proven effective family engagement initiatives across all educational environments. Below are several news articles as well as opinion pieces regarding  this subject:

Betsy DeVos: Five Things to Know About Trump’s Pick for Education Secretary, by Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week

What’s the worst that could happen with Betsy DeVos as education secretary? Two scenarios, by Valerie Strauss, Washington Post

Trump’s Choice for Education Secretary, by Andrew Kreighbaum, Inside Higher Ed

Trump picks billionaire Betsy DeVos, school voucher advocate, as education secretary, by Emma Brown, Washington Post

Betsy DeVos and the Wrong Way to Fix Schools, by Douglas N. Harris, The New York Times

Trump picks Betsy DeVos for education secretary post, by Chad Livengood , Jonathan Oosting and Michael Gerstein , The Detroit News

Expect DeVos to Apply Her Free-Market Outlook to Colleges, by Donald E. Heller, The Chronicle of Higher Education